Black or White Insulation Tape with Aluminum Foil Coating

WMP-VR Insulation Patch Tape

Aluminum Foil Coated White Insulation Tape is a fiberglass insulation facing patch tape, tri-directionally reinforced polypropylene scrim tape coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive system. It is used as a closure system and vapor seal on tears or rips where Lamtec facings are laminated to metal building fiberglass insulation. Facing patch tape is made to match all lamtec facings, available in either white or black finish. Manufactured by Venture Tape.

2 mil Aluminum Foil Coated White Insulation Tape

A 2.0 mil white insulation tape with aluminum foil coating and an aggressive cold weather acrylic adhesive system which offers superior quick stick at below zero & elevated temperatures. Zero temper, dead soft aluminum foil conforms well to smooth and embossed surfaces. Primarily used for lap joint and vapor seal for both smooth and satin foil faced board.


Technical Data Imperial
Substrate Thickness: 2.0 mils (0.002")
Adhesive Thickness: 2.0 mils (0.002")
Peel Adhesion: (PSTC-1): 75 oz/inch width
Shear Adhesion: (PSTC-7): Indefinite @ 2.2 psi
Tensile (PSTC-31): 34 lbs/inch width
Elongation: 5%
Maximum continuous use Temperature: 250F
Minimum application temperature: -10F
Release Liner: 46#
Poly-coated natural kraft

*The tape is not designed to hold insulation to red iron or to seal joints of faced blanket insulation.