Textured Wall Panels

Stucco Panels

Thickness 2" 2-1/2" 3" 4" 5" 6"
R-Value 7.5 per inch
Width 42"
Lengths 10' to 48'
Joint Configuration Interlocking tongue and groove
Exterior Face Stucco finish factory applied over 26, 24, or 22 Ga. steel.
Interior Face 26, 24, 22 Ga. embossed G-90 galvanized pre-painted steel
Core Polyisocyanurate

Insulated Wall Panels

Textured finish insulated wall panels combine the many advantages of lightweight insulated wall panels with the great look and finish of stucco or granite stone. The textured finish is applied over primed steel facings. The stucco exterior wall panel is durable and easily washed. Also, available in several colors.

Stucco Panels

Stucco Textured Panels

Granite Stone Panels

Granite Wall Panels