Retrofit Insulation Installation

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Wall Installation

Typically the first girt is 7’4” above the floor with the upper girt spacing being 6’ or less. In this application the insulation between the 7' 4" girt is installed vertically. Above that the insulation is installed horizontally. A base angle should be installed at the floor of the perimeter of the insulated area. This will provide an attachment point for the facing as well as help seal the bottom and provide a moisture barrier. When the upper girts are less than 6', the insulation rolls are factory pre-cut to the proper size then laminated to the fiber glass and labeled accordingly. In some instances the first girt is not 7' 4" and all girts are 6' or less. All insulation is installed horizontally in this case.

Stick Pins for Insulation

Stick Pins

Stick pins can be applied to a clean steel surface with glue to hang the blankets. Once the insulation is installed over a stick pin, a friction washer is placed over the pin to keep the insulation in place. The pointed pin tips are then cut off with a wire cutter. This application gives you a quilted look.

InsulHold Coils

Insulhold Coils are ideal in retrofit projects to help hold insulation in place and from sagging. Arrows, which are contoured for strength, stick within the fiberglass and provide holding power to the insulation. InsulHold bands are used independently, however, for additional support steel banding, steel liner panel, or an insulation fabric covering such as Energy Saver are optional.

Insulhold Coils For Insulation

Roof Installation

Typically, metal building purlins are spaced 5’ apart. 5’ fiberglass blankets are standard. Anything other than 5’ wide can be factory pre- cut to fit the existing purlin spacing prior to lamination. The factory pre-cut roll length is then determined by the spacing of the bays or the distance between the rigid frames. The purlin depth varies with 8” being the most common. All rolls are cut, then labeled to help insure that the blankets are placed in the proper space.

Banding System

The most common method of adding insulation to a metal building roof is with a banding system. Steel bands, typically 1” wide (depending on the manufacturer) are screwed to the under side of the metal purlin 30” apart creating a grid system in the roof. The factory pre-cut rolls are then fed through, above the steel bands and secured. The steel bands act as a support to the fiberglass blankets.

Banding System for Retro Fit Systems
Retro Fit Insulation Brochure