Metal Roofing & Re-Roofing

If your existing metal roof panels need replacing, there are two options for replacing them. You can remove the old roof panels and possibly the old insulation and lay down new insulation blankets with new roof sheeting. Another option is to re-roof over the top of the existing steel roof using die cut roof hugger brackets.

Metal Re-Roof Option

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This may be a good option for you if you are looking to restore your old metal roof without shutting down your business or pulling off an existing metal roof.

Die cut Roof Hugger brackets are screwed down over the top of of your old metal roof panels. They are designed to fit any metal roof panel profile.

Insulation is optional but can be layed over the top of the Roof Huggers before the new roof sheeting is laid down.

Benefits of this system include:

  • Cost savings on labor
  • Added insulation saves on energy
  • Integrity of original design loads are maintained
  • Only standard tools and fasteners are required
  • Allows for east transition to Standing Seam Roof Panels

    Replace Entire Metal Roof Option

    If you choose to pull the old roof off of your steel building and start over, there are many options for new insulation. It is easy to achieve a high r-value because the roof purlins are exposed. New steel roof panels can then be laid over the top of the insulation (as shown in diagram below).

    Metal Roof Panel Options

    There are several roof panel profiles to choose from including PBR Panel, Standing Seam, and Low Rib Panel.

    PBR Metal Roofing PanelStanding Seam Metal RoofingLow Rib Roof Panels

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