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Oklahoma Energy Codes

As energy costs continue to soar nationwide, more and more Oklahoma metal building owners, architects and contractors are investing in insulation retrofits in an effort to make their steel building or buildings more energy efficient.

Steel Building Insulation, a division of Building Outlet Corp., has been a leading provider of metal building insulation, retrofit insulation and related products and accessories to consumers from Oklahoma and across the U.S. for more than 30 years, with more than half of the vinyl-faced fiberglass insulation volume they distribute nationally now being used for retrofit application projects. Investing in high r-value insulation systems has proven to pay substantial dividends over a lifetime, and retrofit insulation product prices have remained consistent despite increasing consumer demand amidst steadily climbing thermal energy costs.

In addition to offering a sizable reduction in energy bills and considerably lowering a metal building owner's overall cost of ownership, applying retrofit insulation offers a variety of other benefits, including improved comfort, moisture and sound control. With a broad variety of products designed to accommodate retrofit projects of any size, and access to more than 400 installers and 50 different laminating and shipping points nationwide, Steel Building Insulation has successfully streamlined both the purchase and installation process.

Our foam insulation panels and fiberglass insulation blankets for insulating roofs and walls are available with a wide range of R-values depending on the level of thermal resistance desired. For wall insulation retrofit projects, we also distribute stick pins, steel banding and InsulHold coils for InsulHold applications, which hold retrofit applications in place.

For roof metal building insulation retrofit projects, we generally recommend applying new insulation using a banding system. In this type of application, steel bands are affixed to the underside of the metal purlin to create a grid system within the roof. Our factory, precut rolls are then installed above the steel bands and secured, holding the fiberglass insulation blankets in place.

Whether you're looking to reduce energy costs through roof insulation, wall insulation or both, Steel Building Insulation will simplify the process, ensuring that you end up with the highest quality products at the lowest possible price – and that your investment will pay for itself in a short time by substantially reducing your metal building's heating and cooling bills.

IECC Oklahoma

Current Building Energy Code for Oklahoma: 2006 IECC

Amendments / Additional State Code Information: View Oklahoma Building Codes and Standards

Approved Compliance Tool: COMcheck
*Code Enforcement is Mandatory in the State of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Energy Code Climate Zones by County

LS = Fiberglass Insulation | ci = continuous insulation



IECC Climate Zone

Roof Insulation

Wall Insulation

AdairMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
AlfalfaMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
AtokaMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
BeaverMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
BeckhamMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
BlaineMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
BryanMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CaddoMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CanadianMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CarterMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CherokeeMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
ChoctawMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CimarronMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ClevelandMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CoalMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
ComancheMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CottonMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CraigMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CreekMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CusterMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
DelawareMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
DeweyMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
EllisMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
GarfieldMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
GarvinMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
GradyMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
GrantMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
GreerMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
HarmonMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
HarperMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
HaskellMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
HughesMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
JacksonMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
JeffersonMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
JohnstonMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
KayMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
KingfisherMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
KiowaMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
LatimerMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
Le FloreMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
LincolnMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
LoganMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
LoveMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
MajorMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
MarshallMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
MayesMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
McClainMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
McCurtainMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
McIntoshMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
MurrayMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
MuskogeeMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
NobleMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
NowataMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
OkfuskeeMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
OklahomaMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
OkmulgeeMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
OsageMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
OttawaMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
PawneeMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
PayneMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
PittsburgMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
PontotocMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
PottawatomieMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
PushmatahaMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
Roger MillsMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
RogersMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
SeminoleMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
SequoyahMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
StephensMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
TexasMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
TillmanMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
TulsaMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
WagonerMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
WashingtonMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
WashitaMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
WoodsMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
WoodwardMixed-Humid3AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci

Some other areas that our advisors are in include:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Lawton, Oklahoma
Edmond, Oklahoma
Moore, Oklahoma
Midwest City, Oklahoma
Enid, Oklahoma
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Here some of the jobs we've supplied insulation for in Oklahoma:
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - Retrofit automotive shop
Moore, Oklahoma - Roof insulation for existing building

We ship to Oklahoma every other week. Our minimum freight charge is $100, which is typical for small orders, and, at maximum, $250, which is standard for large orders. Accessories typically ship via UPS or FedEx, and freight is determined by the carrier.