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New Mexico Building Energy Codes

Installing retrofit insulation into your existing steel structure will result in tremendous savings over the lifetime of your building. Thermal energy loss is among the most costly drains in a steel building owner's budget, but is easily preventable by adding insulation to any climate controlled environment.

Steel Building Insulation has provided metal building insulation retrofit products and services to New Mexico contractors and metal building owners for more than 30 years, with more than 50 percent of all fiberglass insulation distributed nationally now being used for vinyl insulation retrofit application. Not only does applying or replacing deficient or inadequate insulation result in substantial energy savings for the building owner, but brings with it a variety of other benefits, including improved user comfort, sound control and light reflectivity. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, or whether it requires wall or roof installation, Steel Building Insulation can assist call 1-800-486-8415.

IECC New Mexico

Current Building Energy Code for New Mexico: 2009 IECC with Amendments

Amendments / Additional State Code Information:
New Mexico has adopted an amendment to the 2009 IECC that determines climate zones based on altitude in addition to the the DOE latitude map.
View Amendments to 2009 IECC in All New Mexico Counties
All residential and commercial structures, as defined in the IECC are required to comply with the New Mexico energy code. Compliance and plan review requirements are those specified in the IECC.
View New Mexico State Certification of Residential and Commercial Building Energy Codes

Approved Compliance Tool: COMcheck
*Code Enforcement is Mandatory in the State of New Mexico.

New Mexico Energy Code Climate Zones by County

LS = Fiberglass Insulation | ci = continuous insulation



IECC Climate Zone

Roof Insulation

Wall Insulation

BernalilloMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
CatronCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ChavesHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
CibolaCold4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ColfaxCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
CurryMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
De BacaMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Doña AnaHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
EddyHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
GrantMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
GuadalupeMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
HardingCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
HidalgoHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
LeaHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
LincolnMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Los AlamosCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
LunaHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
McKinleyCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MoraCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
OteroHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-6.5ci
QuayMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Rio ArribaCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
RooseveltMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
San JuanCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
San MiguelCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SandovalCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Santa FeCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SierraMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SocorroMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
TaosCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
TorranceCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
UnionMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ValenciaMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci

We have advisors in the following areas:
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Roswell, New Mexico
Farmington, New Mexico
South Valley, New Mexico
Clovis, New Mexico
Hobbs, New Mexico
Alamogordo, New Mexico

Here are a few jobs we supplied insulation for in New Mexico:
Roswell, New Mexico - Retrofit Existing Building Roof
Belen, New Mexico - New Steel Building Roof Insulation

We make shipments to New Mexico every other week. Our minimum freight charge is $100, which is typical for small orders, and our maximum, $250, which is standard for large orders. Accessories typically ship via UPS or FedEx, and freight is determined by the carrier.