New Construction Insulation

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Wall Installation

Steel building insulation is most commonly provided in 6' wide rolls. For walls, the insulation blankets are rolled out from the eave to the base, then stuck to the red iron by use of double faced tape, provided with your steel building insulation package. The tape holds the insulation temporarily before the wall panels are screwed into place. A common option available from our company is a taped tab. This is a tab or extension of the facing which seals a seam where two pieces of insulation come together. This tab, as an option when specified, has a factory pre-applied adhesive (double faced tape). The installer peels paper off the tape and adheres it once the insulation is in place. This makes it easy to seal the seams.

Roof Insulation Installation

Insulation is rolled out perpendicular to the purlins before the roof panel is installed over the top. Tabs can be taped or non-taped.

Banding Systems

Banding Systems are 2 layers of insulation that lay perpendicular to each other and are supported by steel bands. This system offer the highest R-Values available.

New Construction Banding System

Energy Saver Fabric in a Metal BuildingEnergy Saver System

Energy Saver System

Similar to the 2 layer banding system, this system has one of the industry's highest thermal performance results.The system is made up of a network of steel bands and a seamless energy saver fabric. Two layers of unfaced fiberglass are placed between the purlins and over the top of the purlins. This system offers excellent thermal isolation with one of the best vapor retarder ratings available. The fabric is tears resistant, conceals the secondary structural steel giving the building's interior a smooth, bright and durable finished surface. Best of all the fabric is tested and approved to be OSHA compliant for fall protection.

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