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Maine Energy Codes

As any tried and true New Englander will tell you, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. This is particularly true for the state of Maine, which sees a plethora of differing weather patterns and temperature highs and lows from the urban coastal areas to the more rural North Woods and beyond.

Properly insulating or repairing faulty or inadequate insulation is critical within the State of Maine due in large part to drastic seasonal changes, varying weather patterns and frequent extreme temperatures. Failing to repair damaged insulation is a surefire way to see your costs of building ownership skyrocket, but also one of the more manageable problems a metal building owner can face. Steel Building Insulation, a division of Building Outlet Corp. and a leading national supplier of insulation products, carries a full line of metal building insulation repair materials that will equip you to handle virtually any type of insulation repair job.

Condensation issues are among the more common reasons metal building owners choose to repair their existing insulation, and can result from a lack of insulation, insufficient insulation or damaged or torn insulation. One of the more damaging condensation issues is concealed condensation, which occurs on the underside of a steel roof deck when the roof insulation is not in contact with the roof panel, which results in trapped warm air coming in contact with the outer panel. Applying insulation retrofit between purlins or wall girts can rectify existing costly condensation problems, while offering the building owner substantial energy savings.

Double-layer, high R-Value insulation systems are also extremely effective in condensation prevention. We supply fiberglass insulation blankets that are pre-cut to fit between the roof purlins and affixed using steel banding prior to the installation of the roof panels. The blankets include “long tabs,” which are extensions of the polypropylene facing (approx. 10” – 12” long) and are then placed between the purlins as the roof panels are installed.

No matter the size or magnitude of your insulation repair project, contact the Steel Building Insulation team today to find out how adequately insulating your metal building will save you tremendous amounts of money.

IECC Maine

Current Building Energy Code for Maine: ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007
View Building Energy Codes Program Impacts of Standard 90.1-2007 for Commercial Buildings at State Level

Amendments / Additional State Code Information:
As of September 28, 2011, municipalities over 4,000 in population were required to enforce the new code if they had a building code in place by August 2008. Municipalities under 4,000 are not required to enforce it unless they wish to do so and have the following options: 1. Adopt and enforce the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code 2. Adopt and enforce the Maine Uniform Building Code (the building code without energy) 3. Adopt and enforce the Maine Uniform Energy Code (energy code only) 4. Have no code

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*Code Enforcement is Mandatory in the State of Maine.

Maine Energy Code Climate Zones by County

LS = Fiberglass Insulation | ci = continuous insulation



IECC Climate Zone

Roof Insulation

Wall Insulation

AndroscogginCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
AroostookVery Cold7R-30+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
CumberlandCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
FranklinCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
HancockCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
KennebecCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
KnoxCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
LincolnCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
OxfordCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
PenobscotCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
PiscataquisCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SagadahocCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SomersetCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
WaldoCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
WashingtonCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
YorkCold6AR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci

Some of our advisors are in the following areas in ME:
Portland, Maine
Lewiston, Maine
Bangor, Maine
South Portland, Maine
Auburn, Maine
Augusta, Maine
Saco, Maine
Westbrook, Maine
Waterville, Maine
Presque Isle, Maine

Here are some of the jobs we have supplied in Maine:
Bangor, Mainey - Wall Insulation & Double Layer Roof System
Bangor, Maine - Steel Roof Inusulation

We make biweekly shipments to Maine. Our minimum freight charge is $100, which is typical for small orders, and our maximum, $250, which is standard for large orders. Accessories typically ship via UPS or FedEx, and freight is determined by the carrier.