IECC Commercial Energy Codes in Kansas - COMcheck Compliance

Kansas Energy Codes

A variety of different factors including moisture, condensation, fire and pests can prove damaging to your steel building’s insulation. If you are a Kansas resident tired of watching your energy costs climb month after month as a result of poor or inadequate metal building insulation, we can provide an affordable solution. We supply a full line of vinyl insulation and name-brand, top quality products to assist you with all of your insulation repair needs.

Repairing or replacing old, withered or torn insulation drastically increases the energy efficiency in your garage or commercial building. Our metal building insulation repair products help to reduce moisture in the form of condensation by creating a thermal break on the roof purlins or wall girts. Fiberglass installation should be installed against the steel panel, and facings (vapor barriers) should be sealed to help prevent the flow of moisture or warm air to the steel panels.

Our insulation blankets are available in a variety of R-values and are fire-resistant, noncombustible, and in compliance with the standards set by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA.) They will arrive to you in color-coded, pre-cut rolls for easy installation. We also carry insulation tools & accessories to aid you in every step of the insulation repair process. Contact the Steel Building Insulation team today at 1-800-486-8415 to find out more about our product line and see how we can save Kansas residents and building owners as much as 50% on their initial investment.

IECC Kansas

Current Building Energy Code for Kansas: None Statewide - Determined by County

Amendments / Additional State Code Information:
The State has adopted the 2006 IECC as the applicable EE standard for commercial and industrial buildings in Kansas (KSA 66-1227). The same law also states that "the state corporation commission has no authority to adopt or enforce energy efficiency standards for residential, commercial, or industrial structures."

Approved Compliance Tool: COMcheck can be used on a per county basis
*Code Enforcement is Voluntary in the State of Kansas.

Kansas Energy Code Climate Zones by County

LS = Fiberglass Insulation | ci = continuous insulation



IECC Climate Zone

Roof Insulation

Wall Insulation

AllenMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
AndersonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
AtchisonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
BarberMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
BartonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
BourbonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
BrownMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ButlerMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ChaseMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ChautauquaMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
CherokeeMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
CheyenneCold5AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ClarkMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ClayMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
CloudCold5AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
CoffeyMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ComancheMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
CowleyMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
CrawfordMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
DecaturCold5AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
DickinsonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
DoniphanMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
DouglasMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
EdwardsMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ElkMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
EllisCold5AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
EllsworthMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
FinneyMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
FordMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
FranklinMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
GearyMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
GoveCold5AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Graham Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
GrantMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
GrayMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Greeley Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
GreenwoodMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Hamilton Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
HarperMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
HarveyMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
HaskellMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
HodgemanMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
JacksonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
JeffersonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Jewell Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
JohnsonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
KearnyMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
KingmanMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
KiowaMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
LabetteMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Lane Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
LeavenworthMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
LincolnMixed-Humid 4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
LinnMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Logan Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
LyonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MarionMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MarshallMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
McPhersonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MeadeMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MiamiMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Mitchell Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MontgomeryMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MorrisMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MortonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
NemahaMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
NeoshoMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Ness Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Norton Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
OsageMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Osborne Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
OttawaMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
PawneeMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Phillips Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
PottawatomieMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
PrattMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Rawlins Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
RenoMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Republic Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
RiceMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
RileyMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Rooks Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
RushMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
RussellMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SalineMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Scott Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SedgwickMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SewardMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ShawneeMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Sheridan Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Sherman Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Smith Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
StaffordMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
StantonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
StevensMixed-Humid 4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SumnerMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Thomas Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Trego Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
WabaunseeMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Wallace Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
WashingtonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Wichita Cold5A R-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
WilsonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
WoodsonMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
WyandotteMixed-Humid4AR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci

Our advisors service all counties in Kansas. Below are a few place to name a few:
Wichita, Kansas
Overland Park, Kansas
Kansas City, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas
Olathe, Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas
Shawnee, Kansas
Manhattan, Kansas
Lenexa, Kansas
Salina, Kansas

Below is a list of insulation projects we've supplied materials for:

Concordia, Kansas - Insulation Rolls and Accessories
McPherson, Kansas - Insulation Supplies for (2) Buildings
Inman, Kansas - Insulation Kit for a Gymnasium

We ship to Kansas every other week. Our minimum freight charge is $100, which is typical for small orders, and our maximum, $250, which is standard for large orders. Accessories typically ship via UPS or FedEx, and freight is determined by the carrier.