High R-Value Insulation Systems

What is R-Value?

High Rvalue Insulation

R-Value is a measurement of the effectiveness of an insulator to retain or retard the loss of heat flow. The R-value is directly related to the fiber glass thickness. The thicker the fiberglass blanket the higher the R- value. All R-values listed are determined with the insulation uninstalled. Compression of the purlin install method will reduce the R-values listed.

Double Layer Insulation

High R Systems installed in Metal Buildings are innovative and have high thermal performance results. The performance Values significantly increase when installing a High R insulation system. There are three ways to achieve a High R-Value System.

  • Double Layer Banding System
  • Energy Saver System
  • Thermal Blocks





Single Layer R-Value
2.75" R-8
3" R-10
3.5" R-11
4" R-13
6" R-19
8" R-25
9.5" R-30
Double Layer High R
3" + 6" R-29
3.5" + 6" R-30
4" + 6" R-32
2 5/8" + 8" R-33
3" + 8" R-35
6" + 6" R-38
3" + 9.5" R-40
4" + 9.5" R-43

Double Layer Banding System

Insulation Banding

A double layer system takes advantage of the roof steel purlin cavity space to hold additional insulation. Insulation blankets are pre-cut to fit into the space between roof purlins. They are then laminated with a vapor retarder polypropylene product for an interior reflective finished look. An unfaced fiberglass layer is then installed perpendicular over the top of the roof purlins providing additional R values to the system. These high R systems are supported by a network of white steel bands fastened to the bottom of the steel roof purlin. Additional Thermal blocks may be installed to minimize thermal transfer through the steel purlins.

Steel Banding

Energy Saver System

This system has many similarities to the double layer banding system. This innovative system has one of the highest thermal performance results in the industry. It consists of a network of steel bands and a seamless energy saver fabric, which resists tears and conceals the secondary structural steel providing a smooth, bright, durable finished surface. Two layers of unfaced fiberglass are placed between the purlins and over the top of the purlins. This system offers excellent thermal isolation with one of the best vapor retarder ratings available. Best of all the fabric is tested and approved to be OSHA compliant for fall protection.

Energy Saver FabricEnergy Saving Fabric

Thermal Blocks

Use of the Sealed N Safe Thermal Block can easily save the end user thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in energy and building costs. This Thermal Spacer Block isolates the outer shell from the inner steel frame of the metal building. The thermal block called "The Performer" has an R 6 minimum rating and is proven to increase insulation performance as much as 2 times with certain buildings. Customers have seen a return of the investment as soon as 12 to 18 months. This option has a payback and is the only truly thoroughly tested and approved product of its kind.

Thermal Blocks