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Steel Building Insulation, a division of Building Outlet Corp., has provided metal building insulation and accessories to metal building owners, architects and contractors throughout Canada for more than 30 years, reducing energy costs and improving user discomfort caused by damaged, inadequate or a lack of insulation.

Our broad selection of insulation panels and products for both new construction and insulation retrofit projects has resulted in tremendous energy savings for Canadian consumers over the years. Because we are not tied to one single manufacturer, our line of name-brand, top-quality products are available for Canadian consumers at prices as much as 50 percent below industry norms, resulting in a multitude of savings both upon purchase and again following installation. Utilize our online price quote form for an insulation price quote.

Why should you insulate your steel building? For starters, metal building insulation acts as a barrier that slows down the movement of heated or cooled air, resulting in considerable energy savings over time. While in the past, investing in a high-quality insulation system could take between 7 - 10 years to repay, today’s sky-high energy costs have slashed that payback period by as much as two-thirds. In addition to considerable energy savings, metal building insulation brings with it a variety of other benefits, among them increased sound absorption, condensation prevention, enhanced user comfort and lighting efficiency.

Steel Building Insulation’s extensive product line offers single and double-layer insulation systems in an array of R-values, with varying levels of effectiveness. We also offer facings that act as vapor barriers when affixed to the fiberglass blankets, and tabs that help establish a finished edge along the seams.

We carry additional insulation accessories that help make the installation process simple and smooth, from steel banding and Insulhold coils to stick pins and washers. Click here for additional information about steel building insulation and related accessories that we have available to Canadian consumers at deeply discounted prices.

Let one of our advisors help you find the insulation to meet your needs they are in the following areas:
Toronto, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec
Vancouver, British Columbia
Calgary, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Ottawa–Gatineau, Ontario/Quebec
Quebec City, Quebec
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hamilton, Ontario
Kitchener, Ontario

Below is a list of some of the insulation jobs we've supplied:

Midale, Saskatchewan, Canada - Insulation and Facing Materials for a (2) building project
Cochrane, Ontario, Canada - Energy Efficient Insulation for 2 Commercial Buildings
Langdon, Alberta, Canada - Wall and Roof Insulation Materials
Langdon, Alberta, Canada - Insulation Supplies for New-construction Metal Building