California IECC Energy Codes

California Energy Codes

Thermal energy loss is one of the largest drains and expenses in a California building owner’s budget. Retrofitting a commercial metal structure with new or additional insulation can drastically reduce overall energy costs, resulting in a multitude of savings for building owners over a lifetime.

Our team of experienced professionals can assist California metal building owners in choosing appropriate fiber glass blanket sizes, facing materials (polypropylene or black or white vinyl available in a variety of different strengths) and tabs (the extension of the vinyl facing past the fiber glass blanket which, in retro-fit, is typically 3” on each side).

California (CA) residents should note that all commercial structures erected in the state must adhere to the energy codes stipulated by theThe 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, comprising Title 24, Parts 1 and 6, of the California Code of Regulations, is mandatory statewide. Local government agencies may adopt and enforce energy efficiency standards for newly constructed buildings, additions, alterations, and repairs provided the California Energy Commission finds that the standards will require buildings to consume no more energy than permitted by Title 24, Part 6. Such local standards may include adopting the requirements of Title 24, Part 6 before their effective date, requiring additional energy conservation measures, or setting stricter energy budgets.

Whether you’re in need of a new metal building insulation system or vinyl insulation retrofit; Steel Building Insulation has something to fit your needs, and our experienced, knowledgeable sales staff can assist you in finding the combination of products that is not only right for you, but in compliance with all California state energy standards. Call 1-800-486-8415 for more information.

California Energy Codes

Current Building Energy Code for California:
See State Certification Letter of Commercial and Residential Building Codes.

Amendments / Additional State Code Information:
Please Review 2016 Commercial Energy Efficiency Standards for California in the Non-Residential Compliance Manual.

Approved Compliance Tools:
A list of State specific approved computer programs can be viewed on the California Energy Commission Website.
*COMcheck is not applicable
*Code Enforcement is Mandatory in the State of California

California Energy Code Climate Zones by County

LS = Fiberglass Insulation | ci = continuous insulation



IECC Climate Zone

Roof Insulation

Wall Insulation

AlamedaMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
AlpineCold6BR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
AmadorMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ButteHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
CalaverasMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ColusaHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
Contra CostaHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
Del NorteMarine4CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
El DoradoMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
FresnoHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
GlennHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
HumboldtMarine4CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
ImperialHot-Dry2BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
InyoMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
KernHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
KingsHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
LakeMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
LassenCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
Los AngelesHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MaderaHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
MarinMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MariposaMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MendocinoMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
MercedHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
ModocCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MonoCold6BR-25+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
MontereyMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
NapaMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
NevadaCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
OrangeHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
PlacerHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
PlumasCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
RiversideHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
SacramentoHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
San BenitoMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
San BernardinoHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
San DiegoHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
San FranciscoMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
San JoaquinHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
San Luis ObispoMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
San MateoMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
Santa BarbaraMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
Santa ClaraMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
Santa CruzMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
ShastaHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
SierraCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SiskiyouCold5BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
SolanoHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
SonomaMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
StanislausHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
SutterHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
TehamaHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
TrinityMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
TulareHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
TuolumneMixed-Dry4BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+R-13ci
VenturaMarine3CR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
YoloHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci
YubaHot-Dry3BR-19+R-11 LSR-13+6.5ci

Below is a list of some of the insulations jobs we supplied in California:

Merced, California - Retrofitted Steel Building & a Pole Building
San Jose, California - Retrofitted Metal Building
Boron, California - Retrofitted Existing Metal Building
Bishop, California - Insulation System for New-construction Metal School Building
San Jose, California - Insulation System for San Jose Airport

To better serve you we have advisors in the areas listed below:

Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, California
San Diego, California
Sacramento, California San Jose, California
Fresno, California
Long Beach, California
Oakland, California
Bakersfield, California
Anaheim, California

We ship within California every other week. We have a minimum freight charge of $100 (standard for small orders) and a maximum of $250 (standard for large orders). Insulation Accessories typically ship via UPS or FedEx and freight is determined by the carrier.