Acoustical Wall Panels

Acoustical Wall Panel Sytem

Thickness 4" 6"
R-Value 3.6 per inch
Width 42"
Lengths 6' to 40'
Joint Configuration Double tongue and groove interlocking joint with a hidden fastener
Exterior Face 24 or 22 ga. embossed G-90 galvanized or pre-painted steel
Interior Face 24 Ga. perforated G-90 galvanized or pre-painted steel
Core Mineral Wool

Noise Reducing Panels

Acoustical wall panels are used in applications requiring sound reduction. Their easy installation provides excellent insulating value and labor savings compared to multiple layer insulation systems. The interior sound absorbing side is flat, smooth and perforated. The exterior profile varies based upon the application of the acoustical panel.

These soundproofing wall panels combine thermal performance of insulated sandwich panels with proven soundwall technology. They have been tested for sound transmission loss and sound absorption.